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7 Chinese TV Shows That work to Learn Chinese (redirected from 7-chinese-tv-shows-that-work-to-learn-chinese)

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In the Name of People

In the Name of People, a contemporary political drama following the anti-corruption activities of fictional prosecutor Hou Liangping, has been dubbed China's counterpart to House of Cards. In many aspects, Hou's anti-corruption effort resembles that of China's current president, Xi Jinping. Despite the show's popularity with its intended demographic, Western viewers have taken issue with the show's pro-authoritarian overtones. With that said, audiences in China have been captivated by In the Name of People.


Eternal Love

Even though the series premiered in January of this year, it has already reached to the top of both Baidu and Weibo's'most popular' lists. The plot recounts the cross-century love romance of goddess Bai Qian and human Ye Hua, as told in Tang Qi's romantic fantasy book of the same name. When two souls are attracted to one other, they can't be separated for forever on Dramasq.


White Deer Plain

White Deer Plain, unlike other Chinese historical dramas, focuses on the lives of individuals living on the North China Plain in Shaanxi province in the early twentieth century. An estimated RMB230 million was spent on the show's production over the course of 17 years, according to reports. While Japan invaded and Communist government began, the tale remains faithful to the trials of its day, creating a dark classic that few can turn away from.


Rush to the Dead Summer

It was already a popular series in China when it premiered in June 2017, with young people around the country eager to see a series with an original music. Rush to the Dead Summer, based on Guo Jingming's book of the same name, follows a group of friends through their teenage years and into adulthood. They were inseparable in high school in 中國人線上看 but their bond is tested in real life as the three deals with betrayal and desertion. Eventually, the pals wonder what drew them together in the first place and the warmth of their childhood summers begins to melt away.


Fighter of the Destiny

Lu Han, a former K-pop sensation, stars in Fighter of the Destiny—based on the book by Mao Ni, with time travel, Taoist destiny, mysticism, and a hero's journey included. Chen Changsheng, an orphan with a royal pedigree, sets out on a time-traveling adventure to find a treatment for his deadly sickness. They fall in love and overcome hardships together as they make their journey across the country.


The Advisors Alliance

A government and military officer during the Three Kingdoms period, Sima Yi is the focus of this historical drama set during his ascent to power. Zhejiang TV broadcast the first half of the series throughout the summer of 2017. Sima's military achievements are the subject of the second installment, which will debut on Chinese 楓林網 streaming service Youku on December 8th, 2017. No doubt, The Advisors Alliance will soon join the ranks of amazing Three Kingdoms adaptations.


Princess Agents

Princess Agents, set during the Northern Wei period, is now the most popular Chinese drama of all time. Chu is hunted through the woods by a group of wealthy lords who use her as human prey for pleasure. Yan Xun, a prince who saves her, takes her into his realm of aristocracy. As Chu's bond with Yan becomes stronger, she starts to understand that her new existence is just as brutal as the one she was rescued from before.


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